Room in the Inn

In partnership with the Urban Ministry Center, various colleges and congregations open their doors in the winter months in order to provide shelter and food to homeless people.  Davidson United Methodist Church (DUMC) takes part in this program and partners with other congregations three nights a week to provide this service to some of our homeless neighbors.  This allows them to spend the night in a safe, warm place where they have access to a warm shower, a bed, and three meals (dinner, breakfast and a bag lunch) while having a personal exchange with the volunteers.

On Thursday, February 28th, UULKN volunteers will be given the opportunity to participate as follows:

  1. Setting up from 5:15 to 6:15 p.m.: preparing the bedrooms and setting up the dining room.  These volunteers will not usually interact with the neighbors.
  2. Serving, eating with the neighbors, cleaning up, from 6:15 to 8p.m.
  3. Preparing food ahead of time (see list for specific needs), and delivering it hot and ready between 6:00 and 6:15 p.m. at the Dale House (DUMC).

Neighbors undergo a screening and a breathalyzer test before being admitted to the various sites.  Read more about this program:

For additional volunteer opportunity descriptions, please see below.

To sign up:

To sign up for any volunteer opportunities, please email and specify which activity you are interested in.  For additional questions, please contact Véronique Singerman or Karen Clark for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

SETUP 5:15 – 6:15

  1. Make sure the evening coordinator has turn ed up the hot water heater.
  2. Ensure two big “trash” cans from the closet are in the hallway outside the bedrooms.
  3. These are for dirty linen collection. Make sure there are plastic liners in each.
  4. Beds and pillows are located in each bedroom.
  5. Linens are stacked on racks in the RITI storage room.
  6. Make up 13 beds with two sheets, a blanket and a pillowcase.
  7. Place a washcloth and a toiletries kit on each bed.
  8. Ensure a large deodorant and large toothpaste, shaving cream and liquid soap are in eachbathroom.
  9. Setup tables and chairs in the living/dining room. Provide enough space for 13 neighbors and 6-8 volunteers to eat family style.
  10. Stack disposable utensils, plates, on counter in kitchen for buffet line for dinner (supplies are in the kitchen).
  11. Make coffee. Decaffeinated only.
  12. Place salad dressing, salt, pepper, and butter on tables. Water and ice on the beverage table along with the tea and soft drinks.
  13. Put sweetener, sugar and cream near coffee.
  14. Keep food warm as needed, and set up buffet in time for neighbors’ arrival.
  15. Prepare lunches for neighbors if time permits. If you are running out of time let this one wait. The night hosts will be happy to do this for you.

Set up is a big responsibility and will take you the full hour to complete. You have total responsibility to make sure that the bedroom and dining room are ready once our guests arrive!

Serve/Clean-Up 6:15 – 8:00 PM

  1. Deliver foods prepared, hot and ready to eat by 6:15 pm. It is helpful to bring them in an insulated bag or tote to keep the food warm in case the van is running late.
  2. Bring food in disposable containers, or take your containers home for washing. Bring appropriate serving utensils if something special is needed. There is a variety of standard utensils in the kitchen.
  3. Bread should be sliced and wrapped in plastic or aluminum foil (butter is provided).
  4. Put bagged salad in serving bowl. (Dressings are provided).
  5. Make coffee (all coffee is decaffeinated) if not made already.
  6. Put ice, water and drinks on beverage table in dining room.
  7. Make sure tables have been set.
  8. Pray. The coordinator will ask if a neighbor would like to offer a blessing. If not, then a RITI volunteer will need to pray.
  9. Serve food to neighbors. Not everyone will need to do this. If you are not serving food, then please get in line with the neighbors. All volunteers are asked to sit and eat with neighbors.
  10. After dinner, clear tables and wipe them with the cleaning solution found in the RITI closet. Put condiments (butter, jelly, salad dressings) in the refrigerator.
  11. Put tables up and rearrange chairs for TV/movie watching. Convert the dining room back into a “den”.
  12. DO NOT LEAVE ANY LEFTOVER DINNER FOOD and DO NOT THROW AWAY LEFTOVERS (remember that for our neighbors, nutritious food is scarce). Bring a container for any leftovers to take home or check with evening coordinator for other options, e.g. Mooresville Soup Kitchen.
  13. Put all trash in the dumpster located at the back of the parking lot.
  14. If the neighbors want to help with cleanup, let them.

Quantity: Plan to feed 20 people including neighbors and volunteers. It is better to have too much food than not enough. You may be offering someone the first meal they have had in days.

Check with evening coordinator if there are leftovers. NO food can remain at the church.

Prepare Food (must be delivered by 6:15pm that evening)

UUFLKNs responsible for providing food for the neighbors and volunteers (approximately 30 total) for dinner as well as breakfast the next morning.  Please deliver foods prepared, hot and ready to eat by 6:15 pm.  Is it helpful to bring them in an insulated bag or tote to keep the food warm in case the van is running late.  Bring food in disposable containers, or take your containers home for washing.  Bring appropriate serving utensils if something special is needed. There is a variety of standard utensils in the kitchen.


  • Meat or Casserole for 8-10 1.
  • Meat or Casserole for 8-10 2.
  • Salad: 16 oz Bagged Salad (No dressing) 1.
  • Bread: enough for 20 (No butter) 1.
  • Starch (potatoes, rice, pasta) for 8-10 1.
  • Starch (potatoes, rice, pasta) for 8-10 2.
  • Vegetable for 8-10 1.
  • Vegetable for 8-10 2.
  • Drinks: 1 Gal. Tea, 4- 2 liter Decaf Sodas 1.
  • Ice Cream: (optional) 1.
  • Dessert for 8-10 1.
  • Dessert for 8-10 2.
  • Sausage Biscuits for breakfast 1. Provided
  • Bananas: 12-15 1.
  • Oranges and/or Apples: 8-10 1.
  • Ice: small bag 1.
  • Orange Juice: 1 Gallon 1.
  • Breakfast bars/bread/donuts: 2 doz. 1

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