March 20th: Dale Brook, the Magikal Minstrel

Dale Brook, AKA the Magikal Minstrel, has been entertaining and presenting magikal programs for 30 years now.  He was once the choir director at UUCC for about 13 years and before that led choirs in Methodist and Episcopal churches.  He enjoys immensely working with people in small groups through the medium of music.  Singing together has a strong potential to bring people together and give them a sense of community.  The song is not the goal but the singing of the song connects us, enables us to breathe together and connect.  Dale will share songs that tell the story of his spirituality and hopes you will be willing to “sing-a-long”.

  • Faith Development for children. Ages 8-12 starts at 9:45 in the basement room of the Multicultural House adjacent to Tomlinson. Ages 5-7 starts after story time during the service.
  • Faith Development for adults. We will be talking about the fourth of James Luther Adams’ “Five Smooth Stones of Liberalism”: We deny the immaculate conception of virtue; good things are brought about by hard work done by human hands.  This is a portion of an essay in the book On Being Human Religiously, available online for free. Class starts at 9:50 a.m., in Tomlinson.
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