Exciting changes to our Fellowship

Our mission states that we will strive to become a diverse congregation. One way we can help make this happen is by making sure that the entire family, from infant to grandparent, can come and be a part of this spiritual community.

Over the past several months and especially the last few services we have spoken to a number of guests where only one member of the family has come to see what we have to offer both for themselves as well as their children.

With this information in hand the steering has decided to begin offering a nursery beginning April 3rd. In addition to this we are changing the RE structure for children to one class ages 7-12 which will be held at the normal time, before the service.  During the service we will sing out our youngest to the nursery.  Older children will have the option of staying in the service or leaving with the younger children and assisting with reading stories or helping with crafts. This will not only give the entire family an opportunity to worship with us but also give the adults opportunity to concentrate on their spiritual needs.

Also, because of our recent growth and space limitations, the steering committee has begun to look in earnest for the best possible meeting space that will accommodate our needs. This is also in preparation for moving to services every Sunday beginning in January 2012.

This is an exciting time for our Fellowship as we look with anticipation to what is to come.

Blessed be!

Jeff Pender

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