November 7th service, Rev. Amy Brooks on “A Sense of Wonder”

Rev. Amy E. Brooks presents us with “A Sense of Wonder” It is indeed wonderful when for a moment we are touched by the mystery of creation. What is the place of wonder in our lives and how does our religious community help us appreciate or evoke that sense of wonder?

Rev. Amy E. Brooks is a Community Minister in the Unitarian Universalist Association, affiliated with the UU Church of Charlotte.  She worked for many years with the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network in Charlotte,  providing pastoral care and education .  Amy is currently enrolled in the GreenFaith Fellowship Program to explore and develop an environmental ministry while providing sabbatical ministry support to several area UU congregations.  She and her husband Chris enjoy an ongoing interest in local, organic food, cooking (and eating) delicious food.  They are particularly enamored with their daughter Evelyn who recently celebrated her second birthday.

Our service begins at 11:00 am and will be held in the conference room of Tomlinson Residence Hall on Davidson College Campus, (#11 on the Campus map). Doors open at 10:30.

  • Faith development for children. Ages 8-12 starts at 9:45 in the Basement room of the Multicultural House (# 12 on the campus map) which is next to Tomlinson, our service site. Ages 4-7 starts after story time during the service. Activities this Sunday will include preparing for our Thanksgiving service on Nov. 21st. in which the children will take a leading role.
  • Faith Development for adults. This Sunday is the 4th installment of our seven part series titled “Plumbing the Depths of the Seven Principles”. Our focus will be the 4th principle of UU, A free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Lets have an in depth discussion of what we think this principle means and how it might influence our thoughts and actions. Class starts at 9:50 am, in Tomlinson (moved to better accomodate parents with kids in RE).
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