October 17th, Celebrating Our Ancestors

The upcoming “Day of the Dead” inspires us to think about our ancestors. Bring a small memento (photograph or trinket) of an ancestor to be placed on the altar of remembrance, and a brief anecdote or memory to share as well if you are willing. Dan Aldridge will be speaking.

Also this Sunday:

  • 3rd Sundays we collect donations for Loaves and Fishes. At this time they particularly need soup, rice, boxed mac & cheese, and pasta sauce.
  • RE for kids 8-12 at 9:45 am, Multicultural House basement (next to Tomlinson, #12 on the map).
  • RE for kids 5-7 during the service, after the story.
  • RE for adults at 9:50 am, in Tomlinson (moved to better accomodate parents with kids in RE). This is the third week of our series “Plumbing the Depths of the Seven Principles” – but please feel free to come even if you haven’t attended the first two. The third principle is “Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations.”

Check out the post about the upcoming Social Action Sunday, October 31. Food and a good cause!

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