IMPORTANT NOTE: Join us at our new meeting place on Davidson College campus in the conference room of Tomlinson residential hall, bottom back  left hand corner of the building. Look for building number 11 on this map link www3.davidson.edu/cms/x14840.xml . Parking is located in the back of Tomlinson. You are allowed to park in the handicap spaces without a sticker on Sundays. Also you can park in the lots next to buildings number 6 and 7 right inside the entrance to campus. We are excited about this change as continue to grow together

UU Fellowship of Lake Norman


Come and join us for our First Annual Flower Communion service this Sunday April 4th on the campus of Davidson College, in the conference room of Tomlinson residential hall. Come and let us fellowship together with spiritual nurturing, music, children’s story, talk and conversation. Doors will open at 10:30 am with the service starting at 11:00 followed by refreshments and conversation. Our service leader will be Amy Hartman.

People are asked to bring a flower of their choice, either from their own gardens, or from a field or roadside. Each person will be asked to place their
flower in the vase at the altar at the appropriate time during the service.

Near the end of the service, each person will be asked to come forward and take flower from the vase other than the one that they brought. The significance of the flower communion is that as no two flowers are alike, so no two people are alike, yet each has a contribution to
make. Together the different flowers form a beautiful bouquet. Our common bouquet would not be the same without the unique addition of each individual flower. Thus it is with our fellowship community in that it would not be the same without each and every one of us.

All are welcome regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability or economic status

We are a liberal faith community.



uulakenorman.org 704-779-0533

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