Strategic Planning for 2010

Planning for the future.

It has been over a year since the UUFLKN seed was planted and as we continue into 2010 we are sincere about planning for the future. We are very excited about what the new year brings and we are committed to strengthening our fellowship through growth and programming.

We want to grow together with respect and love for one another.

In the near term our steering committee has decided to focus on making sure that the entire family is included our programming and services. We are working on that as we speak and our last service was the first opportunity for the fellowship to have all of our children there. It was a really wonderful service and Attendees are welcome to bring there children to future services.  We have a rug where the children can congregate while the service is being held. The current trend among small fellowships and congregations is to include the children into the service with RE programming happening before or after.

We will also begin working on our Religious Education programming for our children as well as the adults and the steering committee wants to have something in place by the beginning of May.

We welcome your input as we move forward. Our first business meeting will be held at 10:00 am on Feb. 21st prior to our service and we would like as many people as possible to attend to discuss the plans for 2010.

Below is the Strategic plan for 2010 (Draft) and Service Calendar 2010 (Draft).

Strategic Planning Proposal 2010 (Draft)

* 0 – 3 months

– Full service including Chalice lighting and joys and concerns

– Calendar of services for the year (Flexible)

First Business meeting 10:00 am Feb. 21st / Discussion of finances, Strategic planning proposal

2/21/10-Begin introduction of children into the service with designated area.  The fellowship will be purchasing a rug where children can congregate while service is being held, (Hire a babysitter for babies and toddlers?).

– Form worship, Re and Social committees (3-5 members)

* 3 – 6 months

-Committees meeting and planning

– Development of R.E. for children and Adults through RE committee

5/15/10– Begin additional hour of integrated R.E. for children before the service (or after) once a month. To be conducted in the same space as the service: adults working with the children with stories, crafts, etc in conjunction with the theme of the service. Adult RE beginning and meeting at the same time in the waiting room with themes mirroring service …discussion group with leader.

6/20/10– Analysis begins in regards to contracting professional ministerial leadership (UU minister) for one service a month and congregational development consultation

* 6 – 9 months

8/5/10- Contract UU minister begins once a month sermon and consultation ?

9/1/10– RE increases to twice a month in conjunction with every service

* 9 – 12 months

10/17/10Membership Sunday– commitment to UUFLKN as our spiritual home

1/1/11– RE leaders and schedule in place so that more adults can shift to adult –only programming

– Apply to be listed as an emerging congregation with the UUA

– Begin work on UUFLKN bylaws

UUFLKN Calendar 2010 (Draft)

Feb. 7th– “Creative Spirit Service”

Feb. 21st– Rev. Melissa Mummert

March 7th– Rev. Dick Weston-Jones

March 21st– Annette Marquis (Thomas Jefferson District Head)

April 4thEarth Month – Flower Communion

April 18th– Earth Day Service

May 2nd– Mothers Day Service

May 16th

May 30th– Potluck Sunday (Social gathering)

June 6th

June 20th– Fathers Day service

July 4th– Rev. Amy Brooks ?

July 18th

Aug. 1st– Celebrate our Sister congregations

Aug 15th– Student Dedication Service

Aug. 29th– (Social gathering Sunday)

Sep. 5th– Rev. Amy Brooks ?

Sep 19th– Fall Equinox Service

Oct. 3rd– Blessing of Pets Service (Rev. Amy Brooks ?)


Oct. 31st– Social gathering

Nov.  7th– Rev. Amy Brooks ?

Nov. 21st– Thanksgiving service

Dec. 5th– Rev. Amy Brooks ?

Dec. 19th– Holiday Service

Peace, Jeff

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