January 2010 Newsletter

First Monthly Newsletter January 2010

First I would like to thank everyone for coming to our last service on January 17th.  We had a beautiful service On “Yoga for Personal Transformation” led by Kaoverri Weber. We were 27 strong with a number of new faces. Maybe even more special about this service was the fact that we raised $425.00 for the Stop Hunger Now event coming up this Sunday January 31st. I want to thank everyone for their outpouring of generosity.


If you are looking for ways to volunteer then this Sunday Jan. 31st would be an excellent opportunity not only for building community but to help with Haiti disaster relief.
Stop Hunger Now event will be held at the DCPD congregation house, 218 Concord Rd, Davidson, NC on Sunday Jan. 31st starting at 1:15. This will be followed by an interfaith dedication at 3:15 in the DCPC sanctuary. An offering will be taken during this service with the proceeds being split between Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross
The plan is package up to 30,000 nutrious meals during the Stop Hunger Now portion of the event. It is a community wide, city wide response to the devastation in Haiti. Please help out if you can. There will be music and snacks for those that are participating.
Times for the event are as follows: 1:15- Instructions from Stop Hunger Now staff, 1:30- packing begins, 3:00 completion of packaging, 3:15- start of dedication service, 4:00 conclusion of the event.

Upcoming services

February 7th- “The Creative Spirit that Resides in All of Us”- This will be a kid centric service so calling all children who want to participate, bring you art work what ever that might be; painting, poems, music, Lego constructions, science related.  Your children can participate in a number of ways so email me if you are interested in helping out. In addition, the steering committee will be previewing our strategic planning for the year and asking for your input.

February 21st- UU minister Rev. Melissa Mummert will be our guest speaker

March 7th – UU minister Rev. Dick Weston-Jones will be our guest speaker

March 21st- Annette Marquis, Director of the UUA’s Thomas Jefferson District

Final Note on the Future

The steering committee is currently actively involved in strategic planning for the year. We are looking to grow and strengthen our fellowship by expanding our programming and solidifying our liberal faith community. Please join us at our next service February 7th where will will preview our goals and our mission for the upcoming year. Thanks for your support.

Peace, Jeff Pender

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