Yoga for Personal Transformation January 17th

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will continue to take donations for the Ada Jenkins food pantry at each meeting. There will be a buggy near our meeting room that you can drop your donations in. Some of things that they need the most are shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste.  Please check our web site under the Volunteer page for further info on what may be donated.

UU Fellowship of Lake Norman

Come and join us for spiritual nurturing, music, talk and conversation this Sunday January 17th at the Ada Jenkins Center, 212 Gamble St, Davidson, NC. Doors will open at 10:30 am with the service starting at 11:00 followed by refreshments and conversation.

“Yoga for Personal Transformation”

talk by Kristine Kaoverii Weber

Many spiritual and self-help teachers talk about the need for personal change – for overcoming fear, anger, shame and jealousy, for gaining courage and strength to take risks and make changes, for tapping into creativity, for actualizing your life’s purpose. These kinds of directives flow freely from self-help gurus everywhere.

While this advice is helpful, the key to personal transformation lies not in understanding personal change, but in facilitating it. And this is done through practice – the time you take every day to connect personally to your Source – and what you do throughout your day to support your practice. Useful self-help books and DVDs teach some form of practice because without it, any attempt at personal transformation will fail.

For thousands of years yogis have honed practices for personal transformation and in the last 50 years or so, these practices have become widely available through a variety of different sources. They are practical, generally simple, accessible to everyone, and tremendously effective.

In this lecture Kaoverii Weber will discuss the foundational practices of yoga (beyond the commonly understood yoga postures) and how they can help you effect real, transformative change in your life. Yoga helps you become:

  • Less stressed out, calmer and more peaceful
  • Less depressed, tense and/or anxious
  • More in touch with your inner Self – body, mind and spirit
  • Better connected to your Spiritual Source
  • More aware of your life’s purpose (and offers strategies to fulfill it)

Kristine Kaoverii Weber, MA, RYT500, LMBT took her first yoga course from her hippy social studies teacher in Pennsylvania when she was in sixth grade and has been hooked ever since. She began sharing yoga with others in 1995 and created a style she calls “Subtle Yoga.” Kaoverii began training yoga teachers in 2003 and teaches workshops internationally. She is committed to creating opportunities for each student to discover and pursue his or her path to self-realization.

For more information, visit her website at

All are welcome regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability or economic status
We are a liberal faith community.


Peace! 704-779-0533

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