UUFLKN Meeting September 6th

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Ada Jenkins Center food pantry is in need of supplies.  Lets all bring something for the pantry to our Sunday meetings. The list of possible things to donate are non-perishable food items such as pasta, pasta sauce, canned vegetables, cereal, canned fruit, peanut butter and toiletries such as shampoo, soap, diapers. The three things that are almost never donated are Shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste. If you have any of these items to spare please do so. There will be a drop spot next to our meeting room.  Thanks for your Help!!

UU Fellowship of Lake Norman

A reminder to come and join us for spiritual nurturing, music, talk and discussion at our next meeting at our new day and time Sunday September 6th. Doors will open at 10:30 am with the meeting starting at 11:00 followed by refreshments and conversation. Our featured speaker for our upcoming meeting will be Barbra Gardiner. The title of her talk is:

A Introduction to Quakerism AKA The Religious Society of Friends”

All are welcome regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability or economic status

We are a liberal faith community.



uulakenorman.org 704-779-0533

“A Introduction to Quakerism AKA The Religious Society of Friends”

My presentation will cover some of the origin and history of Quakerism, as well as a look at my particular branch of contemporary Quakerism. I will describe a typical Meeting for Worship and talk about some of the core testimonies of Friends, such as the Peace Testimony and the Testimonies on Simplicity and Nurture of the Earth.

Barbara Gardiner-Brief bio:

Barbara Gardiner was born and raised on the farm which had been in her family since the first Quakers arrived in South Jersey in the late 1600’s seeking religious freedom. She attended Quaker schools from pre-kindergarten through college where she majored in religion and psychology. She spent a few years after college “finding herself” (it was the 70’s after all) and then enrolled at Andover-Newton Theological School in Newton Center, MA. She focused her studies on pastoral care and counseling and received her Master of Divinity degree in 1980. She spent the next six years working as a hospital chaplain at St Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC and becoming certified as a Supervisor in Clinical Pastoral Education. The next two years were spent at Carolinas Medical Center teaching seminary students and ministers how to improve their skills in pastoral care and chaplaincy. She has spent most of the last twenty years as a fulltime mom and now, with two college aged sons, she works part time at the Lake Norman YMCA as a fitness instructor. She lives in Davidson and is a member of Davidson Friends Meeting.

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