As we enter into the 4th of July week, UUFLKN will have been meeting since December of 2008. In the course of 7 months, UUFLKN has grown from just 3 people at the first couple of meetings to a steady group of 20 of more. We have grown from just talking about the possibility of a UU presence in the area to having speakers, music and spiritual nurturing. Our fellowship has started to define its identity and bond as a spiritual community.

I feel it is time to start thinking and talking about our vision for UUFLKN. What do we want UUFLKN to be in 1, 3 and 5 years from now? How can we grow as a liberal faith community? How do we get our children involved?

I want hear from all of you. What is your vision? Regardless of how often you have come or if you have yet to attend a meeting I would like to have your input no matter how grand or reserved your view. you can email your responses ( and/or bring your ideas to the next meeting.

Our next meeting will be Monday July 13th at 7:30 PM at the Ada Jenkins Center. The presentation and discussion will be “The Reality of it All: Living the Vision”.

Join us for spiritual fellowship, music and support from a loving liberal faith community.

Please feel free to inform your friends and family about UUFLKN and encourage them to come and check us out.

In thinking about our future, I have asked 4 of you to be part of a steering committee. This committee will be tasked with helping shape our future and begin the process of evaluating our next moves. The five members of the committee are, Paul Gibbs, Tracie Latham, Laurie Walker, Peg Harman and Jeff pender

Peace, Jeff

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