Creation Spirituality (not creationism)

Come and join us for our next meeting Monday June 22th at 7:30 in the Ada Jenkins Center, 212 Gamble Street, Davidson, NC.

Nathan King, the senior pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ, 38 Church Street, Concord, NC will be our guest speaker. Nathan will speak to us about Creation Spirituality. Below is some words from Nathan about his spiritual philosophy and some more detail about Creation Spirituality.


I am senior pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ, 38 Church Street, Concord, NC for the past 8 years. For me, our purpose is all about embodied spirituality – a connection with the Universe that reconnects our minds and souls to our bodies. I first began conscious spiritual practice some twenty years ago. About ten years into that journey, I discovered Creation Spirituality in a book by Matthew Fox entitled Original Blessing. That discovery led me into experimenting with spiritual practices that engage the body. My foundational spiritual practice is T’ai Chi.

About Creation Spirituality
In his book, published in 1983, Matt Fox interpreted the works of the theologian and mystic, Meister Eckhart (1260-1329), as a four-fold spiritual journey. Fox’s book and teachings began a movement to re-invent all our institutions i.e. church, government, education, business, etc., based on the belief that the Universe is a blessing. He called this spiritual way Creation Spirituality. This is not Creation-ism – the unfounded belief that the Universe was created in six literal days. The primary foundation of Creation Spirituality is that, rather than having been born into original sin, as taught by the Christian church, humankind is born into a history of 14.999 billion years of original blessing.

In a nutshell, Creation Spirituality is…
Honoring all of creation as Original Blessing,
Creation Spirituality integrates
the wisdom of Eastern and Western spirituality
and global indigenous cultures,
with the emerging scientific understanding of the universe,
and the passion of creativity.
It is both a tradition and a movement,
celebrated by mystics and agents of social change
from every age and culture.
— from

Come and be a part of the discussion. Come and be a part of this liberal faith Community.

At each meeting there will be music, singing, inspirational readings, discussion and fellowship.


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