May 13th meeting at our new location

Please be sure to mark your calender with our next meeting date Wednesday May 13th at 7:30 at the Ada Jenkins Center. Our featured speaker will be Trent Foley, Professor of Religion at Davidson College.  Trent will speak to us about the early Christians and the struggle between Christian orthodoxy and Gnostic texts as well canon formation issues. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and ask questions about this exciting topic. Also there will be music by Theresa Woody.

NOTE:  Will we convene a special meeting on Wednesday May 13th at 7:00 PM to talk about ways to help support the Ada Jenkins Center.  We have a wonderful and very flexible new place to meet for FREE. So lets come together and help our neighbors, our community.  Unitarian Universalism is an action oriented faith and this opportunity will help shape UU Fellowship of Lake Norman’s identity for the better.

Tracie and Laurie are the coordinators for our potluck which will be coming up soon. If anyone has access to tables and chairs or would wish to help in other ways let me know.

Our meeting the past Monday May 4th was wonderful. Theresa Woody provided some wonderful music and Hun Lye was a terrific speaker who provided us with some excellent insights in to “Seeing Clearly”.  A way to understand the nature of reality and to deal with our attachment to things.

Peace, Jeff

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