“A Buddhism Primer”

I look forward to everyone joining us for our next meeting  Wednesday April 1st at 7:30 in the community room at the Davidson Public Library. Out topic of discussion will be Buddhism.  Paul Gibbs will give us an introduction to Buddhism followed by questions and answers. Below is an outline of the introduction.

“A Buddhism  Primer”

Motivations to study and practice Buddhism
Who the Buddha was and the meaning of the word
Discuss/Define the 4 noble truths
Discuss/Defined the 8 fold path
Describe 3 practices that help achieve internal peace and health
A short parable relating to awareness/mindfulness of our behaviors

“Our last meeting was dedicated to the idea of community service.  We talked and discussed what community service means and ways each of us can implement actions that would benefit the community.  One of the small things one can do is random acts of kindness.  This can of action is contagious.  How often do we say something nice to a complete stranger of just say hello with a joyful smile.  Such a simple gestures can go a long way in making our communities and our world a better place.”

Go In Peace!  Jeff

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