Community Service

I look forward to our next meeting which will be Wednesday March 25th at 7:30 in the community room in the Davidson Public Library. Our topic of discussion will be “Community Service” under the UU banner. Join in on the discussion and tell us about your experiences in community service.

All are welcome regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, economic status or religious path. Tell your friends and join us.

Below is an excerpt of an article by Tom Owen-Towle

Welcome to Unitarian Universalism
A Community of Truth, Service, Holiness and Love
by Tom Owen-Towle

A Community of Service
We often say ours is a religion of deeds more than creeds. Or, as Albert Schweitzer claimed,”My life-my argument.” In acknowledgment of the wondrous,unmerited gift of life, we can only respond with overflowing gratitude and compassionate service. We live
as religious beings not so much where we breathe as where we serve.
Unitarian Universalism reminds us that we are not sufficient unto ourselves but are
interdependent. We are called to treat tenderly and justly the entire universe, and all
forms of life therein. We affirm with Martin Luther King, Jr., that “the religion which
ends with the individual ends.”

In our religious community you will find ample opportunities to serve. Some choose to
work in the area of AIDS service programs. Others focus on the peace, reproductive
choice, environmental, or economic justice movements. Our faith acknowledges that
there are a thousand worthy social causes clamoring for our talents and resources. Each
of us must locate ways of serving our faith that match our gifts, claim our enthusiasm,
and permit us to “win some victories for humanity,” to use Unitarian Horace Mann’s
evocative phrase.

As members of a community of service, Unitarian Universalists aspire to pursue self-
fulfillment without falling prey to narcissism and to embody compassion without
succumbing to sentimental do-goodism. Grounded in Jewish and Christian traditions, we
follow the Biblical injunction to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Thus we serve others best
when we simultaneously respect ourselves.

For 24 years Tom Owen-Towle was co-minister of First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego. He is the author of many books, including Freethinking Mystics with Hands: Exploring the Heart of Unitarian Universalism.



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